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The Ultimate Chicken Puns with Memes, GIFS and photos guaranteed to make you LOL 😂

the ultimate chicken puns list

Need the perfect poultry pun to mock your flock with? Enjoying a little bantam-based banter with your fellow chicken folk? Well, you've cracked it landing here.

I'm about to lay 70 fabulous funnies for you. Oooh…chick me out…I'm already cracking yolks! I just can't help myself, I'm a natural comidihen!

This blog needs no real introduction: just take what you need to win whatever war of the words you've found yourself in.

If you're after pullet-infused puns to sneak into a sentence, then you're on the right page. 

Not eggs-actly what you need? 

Chicken Puns:

Don't be chicken! Chuck a pun into that email or banter up that blog. Let the battle of the pullet puns com-hen-ce:

He's just so hen-some 😍

I think he's chicken me out!

He must have im-peck-able taste

The plot chickens…

Have you hatched a plan?

Congrats! You're hen-gaged!

chicken puns

I can't coop 

She's the wind beneath my chicken wings

Oh, it's hen-bags at dawn

He's way too cocky

Thank cluck for that

If you like it, then you should put a wing on it!

Think of the big peck-ture

Perfectly eggs-icuted

It’s poultry in motion

Just a chick of the light

Dancing chick to chick🐣!

They're chick as thieves, those two are

Fancy a chick-flick?

chicken puns

Don’t be chicken

I'm working around the cluck

chicken pun

That's cheep, coming from you

She's no spring chicken

chicken pun

Anyone have a hen-kerchief?

You sure know how to lay it on chick

Feeling peckish?

Everyone is a comedi-hen around here!

Nice hen-writing

I need a hen-velope

Behave, you'll get us chucked out

How peck-uliar 

You've beaked my interest

It's worth a hen-erable mention

Up to your old chicks?

What a mother clucker

Help! I'm in a bit of a peck-le

I can't do the Egg-onomics

Let's eggs-amin the facts

She's clutching at straws

I've tried every chick in the book

Hey! Hows chicks?

She never misses a chick, that one

All the chicks of the trade

Through chick and thin

It's Halloween…chick or tweet?

Such a one-chick pony!

He didn’t fall far from the poul-tree

I suspect fowl-play


Egg Puns 

Egg puns are addictive: once you pop you can't stop! Help yourself to some egg-pun inspo on me:

I've great eggs-pectations

How egg-citing🥚

Look on the sunny side 

I know, but I might just whisk it

I'm eggs-hausted

chicken pun

Come on, break out of your shell

I'm eggs-tremely well prepared

It's not all it's cracked up to be

I need to get some eggs-ercise (I really do!)

You don't keep chickens? Well, the yolk's on you

Time to shell out for more chickens

My head is scrambled

I think she's smashed it

You crack me up

She looks eggs-quisite

I’m having an eggs-istential crisis

It's fry day!

I'm off to New Yolk, baby!

There's been an eggs-plosion

That chicken looks eggs-traterrestrial…

…better call the eggs-orcist!

Are these puns so bad I'll get eggs-pelled?

Show me the eggs-it, then

If these puns cracked you up then kudos on your im-peck-able sense of humor. I hope you found the witty little word combo you needed!

Did I miss one? Let's make it 100 awesome chicken puns…lay a little funny for me in the comments.

Have I beaked your appetite for chicken chuckles? Next stop for hen-shaped-humour….

Seriously though…get your sensible hat on now. Chatting chickens is one thing, but clucking after them (I can't help it, I'm in the rhythm) is quite another.

Chickenpedia is a fun, friendly, no-nonsense way to eggucate yourself without losing your sense of humor! You'll have easy access to concise courses that walk you through everything from hatching chickens and deciding on the right chicken breed, to shopping for coops and chicken feeds that suit your needs.

Jo Smith


I’m Jo. Busy Mom to two little girls, one soppy, Labrador Retriever and too many chickens to ever confess to (I’m hoping the hubby has lost count). I love to chat and I’m chicken crazy, so I really love my job: chatting chickens with you! 💕

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