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Easter Egger-Laying Chickens exist! Everything you need to know about this rainbow🌈 laying chicken.

the easter egger chicken breed

When we think of Easter and eggs, most of us think about bunnies and chocolate, right? But did you know there is a wonderfully unique breed of chicken known as the Easter Egger? Why would a hen be named this you ask? It comes down to their incredible ability to lay beautifully colored eggs. 

Able to produce an average of 5 eggs per week, the Easter Egger delivers great egg-laying abilities mixed with a dash of colorful fun. 

Ready to find your treasure at the end of the rainbow (of eggs)?  We’ve got all the information you need to know about this unique breed and what to eggspect as a Easter Egger parent. 

By the end of this article, you will have an understanding of:

  • Key breed characteristics such as life-span, age of maturity, personality and more. 
  • The colored eggs they lay and their laying habits 
  • Temperament and backyard suitability  
  • Survey results from real-life Easter Egger owners 

Proof In The Pudding: Survey results from real-life owners of Easter Eggers 

While a less well-known chicken breed, there is much to recommend them as indicated in our recent survey results in which 88% of owners said they would keep them again. They are a friendly, hardy breed that belies the delicately colored eggs they produce. 

88% of chicken keepers said they will keep easter egger chickens again

Unsurprisingly this special breed received four out of five stars in the Chicken People's Choice Awards. If you are a proud owner of Easter Egger chickens, we’d love to hear from you soplease have your VOTE NOW!

On average, how many eggs do your Easter Egger hens lay per week?

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Egg-Laying Abilities

As layers, Easter Eggers are consistent and reliable. 64% of owners surveyed reported collecting around five eggs a week with a further 20% collecting six eggs🥚 a week. This means that with even a compact flock of four, you can expect around 20 eggs a week or 260 eggs per hen per year!

easter egger chicken weekly egg yield

Would you choose to own a Easter Eggers chicken breed again?

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Egg Colors - What To Expect

These beautiful and sweet natured birds are widely known for their ability to produce coloful eggs. Around90% of Easter Egger hens will lay only blue/green eggs with the other 10% of this breed will lay either white, cream, brown, pink or purple tint colored eggs. For a better idea of what to eggspect, please see the images below depicting the colors of eggs you may receive from your hens.

Notably, hen’s do not lay a variety of egg colors, whatever color egg they lay, will remain the same throughout their lifetime. The best way to ensure a variety of colors in your egg-collecting is to speak with your chosen hatchery prior to purchase and keep multiple hens in your flock. 

Still feeling intrigued about whether this unusual breed is suited for you? Let’s take a closer look!

Key Breed Characteristics Of The Easter Egger

easter egger chicken key breed characteristics

As her name suggests, this hen is best known for the incredibly colored eggs it produces, but there is much more than that to recommend them. 

Size - As a mixed breed, Easter Eggers can vary in size somewhat. Expect your hens to reach around 4lbs and roosters 5lbs - the perfect size for lap cuddles! 

Easter Egger Hen Size Comparison to Silkie and Brahma

Easter Egger Rooster Size Comparison to Silkie and Brahma

Appearance -Again, as a mixed breed, the appearance of the Easter Egger can vary in both  shape and color. Typically they are mid-size, rounded birds with sleek, pettable feathers.   

Average life span - Easter Egger chickens generally live between 5-8 years. However, as with all chickens the better their coop and protection from predators the better their lifespan will be.

Age of maturity - Easter Egger hens will start laying between 20-25 weeks of age (5-6months old). While this is a little older than other breeds, they make up for this with their consistent laying over their lifespan. 

Available colors - Colors will vary greatly but expect a mottled feathering of brown, white, black, cream and tan or a mix of these colors. 

Climate Suitability - Easter Egger chickens do well in both hot and cold climates.  

Egg type - Delicious, medium-sized, light blue, seafoam green, dark green, purple and pink tinted eggs. Keep in mind, each hen only lays one color in their lifetime so you won’t see the rainbow🌈 from a single chicken, which is all the more reason to have more girls in your flock!

Easter Egger egg size comparison chart

Easter Eggers Chicken Fast Facts

Hen Size


Bantam hen size

31 oz






Moderatley rare 

Color varieties

Brown, white, black, cream, tan and mottled 

Avg. Egg Yield

5-6 eggs per week

Egg Color

Blue, light or dark green, purple and pink  

Egg Size



5-8 years 


Friendly and affectionate 

Climate Suitability

Suitable for hot and cold climates

Age of maturity

20-25 weeks

Is The Easter Egger The Treasured Hen You’re Seeking? 

If the draw of pastel-colored eggs shells have you thinking the Easter Egger may be for you, a review of their temperament will no doubt have you signing on the dotted line.😍

Easter Egger Temperament -  Treats And Tricks

Easter Egger chickens are wonderfully friendly and have a lot of pet-like traits such as their ability to be trained to sit in your lap, respond when called, and their great love of special treats! 

Their affectionate and endearing nature makes them perfect as backyard flock as well as for schools and aged care homes. As a small to medium-sized breed, both the rooster and hens are easy to handle and their hardiness makes them ideal for beginners. 

Easter Egger Temperament Fact Chart

Add Some Color To Your Coop

So with all that in mind, has the lure of rainbow-colored eggs and sweet chicken cuddles placed the Easter Egger on your shortlist? If so, we totally understand! If you're ready to get started with raising Easter Eggers but you’re still not entirely sure where to start, cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course

This extensive online course is one of seven that shares useful advice on choosing the right chickens for you as well as the size & frequency of eggs laid. You’ll even learn about breed personalities, and be able to use their family-friendly compatibility scale through this well-structured program. 

I highly recommend these to all of my readers! The courses are beginner-friendly and filled with vital information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock. As a member, you will get access to ALL their fantastic courses. So, no need to wing it, become a confident chicken keeper. Click here to check out Chickenpedia today!

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