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Welcome to our Chicken Keeping Learning Paths.  

A Learning Path is a selection of articles tied together for learners just like you to progress through, mastering a subject around chickens. 

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Starting Out 
This is the perfect learning path to start if you're a beginner to keeping pet chickens. It covers the basics of keeping chickens, council rules, good neighbour consultation and more. 

Topics Included:
Council Rules
Chicken Coops

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Choose A Breed

Planning & Buying Your Chickens

Chicken Coops

Incubating & Hatching

Raising Baby Chicks


Teaching Chicken Care to Kids


Laying Hen Management & Eggs

Introducing New Chickens To the Flock

Common Problems

Chicken Health Disease Identification & Treatment

Cleaning & Pest Management

Predator Prevention

Hot & Cold Climate Care

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