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The Gentle Jersey Giant - A Sweet Tempered, Huggable Hen 77% Of Owners Would Keep Again! 😍

the jersey giant chicken breed

Are you looking for a large and im-peck-able chicken that ticks the boxes for a gentle temperament as well as outstanding egg and meat production? Look no further, because the largest purebred chicken in the United States is the Jersey Giant and we are convinced you will fall in love at first sight. 

jersey giant chicken egg and size comparison chart

Not only are Jersey Giants friendly, docile, and low maintenance, they are also great with children and other breeds of chickens. As a previously popular breed that has faded from attention in recent years, it is now making a major comeback of late. We’re happy to report that these beautiful birds can now be seen in gardens across all states and we are not surprised at all!

Key things you will learn in this article

  • Survey results from real-life Cochin owners 
  • Egg-laying abilities
  • Key breed characteristics
  • Temperament; is the Jersey Giant right for you? 
  • Free Hen Health Checklist download 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Jersey Giant. First up, we will give you some insight into the characteristics of the breed and what makes them such a great all-rounder. 

We’ll also discuss the all-important size of the bird and her eggs as well as the egg-laying volume you can expect. Importantly, we also cover their temperament and suitability for your situation. 

At the end, as our free gift to you, you will find a free Hen Health Checklist download that you can use to keep your hens in egg-cellent shape. Ensuring you get the most from your chicken-keeping journey is what we do best!

Big Numbers For A Big Bird - Real-Life Survey Results from Jersey Giant Owners

Over 77% of all owners surveyed said they’d gladly own Jersey Giants again. This is largely (pun intended!) due to their wonderful temperament and eggceptional egg-laying abilities.🥚


77% of chicken keepers said they would keep jersey giant chickens again

50% of owners surveyed reported collecting between 4-5 eggs weekly from their hens, with a further 18% collecting 6 eggs a week per hen. That's a whopping average of 260 eggs per hen yearly. More than enough to keep your home supplied with fresh, delicious eggs year-round.

jersey giant weekly egg yield

Would you choose to own a Jersey Giant chicken breed again?

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Size & egg comparison of Jersey Giant, Brahma and Leghorn chicken breedsJersey Giant eggs

The Jersey Giant delivers more eggs than any other large breed of chicken - something our survey results show in spades. Expect to yield large eggs that are a light brown color and oh-so-yummy! 😍

Jersey Giant egg size comparison chart

As an important aside, due to the weight of the hens, it’s important that you take away the eggs as soon as possible once laid. This is because there is a risk of the eggs cracking under the weight of the chicken. 

Thankfully, as a sweet-natured hen, retrieving the eggs is an easy process that won’t result in pecked fingers! Making it safe for even the littlest family members to participate in collecting the eggs. 

As the Jersey Giant rarely becomes broody if you wish to breed them, you may need to use a more broody breed to incubate the eggs for hatching. If you do not keep other chicken breeds and wish to pursue hatching your eggs, make sure there is enough nesting material around to keep the eggs (and chicks) from being crushed. You will of course require a rooster within your flock to fertilize the eggs also. If you do decide to hatch some Giant Jersey chicks 🐣, this is what you can expect to see.

white jersey giant chicks in a brooder

white jersey giant baby chickens at 4 weeks old

With so many big reasons to love Jersey Giant it's easy to see why they have achieved a four out of five-star rating in the Chicken People's Choice Awards. If you are a proud Jersey Giant owner, we’d love to hear from you so  please have your VOTE NOW!

If these oversize chickens appeal from both a look and size standpoint, wait till you hear more about their other amazing features. We’ve no doubt they’ll become your leading choice for your school, backyard, barn, or care home. 

On average, how many eggs does your Jersey Giant hen lay per week?

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At A Glance - Characteristics of a Jersey Giant

Key Breed Characteristics of Jersey Giant Chickens

Size -  A fully grown Jersey Giant rooster will reach an average weight of 11 pounds, with a height between 22 and 26 inches. Hens will reach a weight between 13 and 15 pounds and can grow up to 20 inches tall. 

Jersey Giant size comparison with Silkie chicken and man

Purpose - Jersey Giants are fantastic performers both as layers and for meat production. A single bird can easily feed a family of four. 

Appearance - These hefty hens and roosters are beautifully round and tall with much tighter feathers, which has two advantages. First of all, they are easier to clean, which is great if you want to showcase them. It also makes them very suitable for colder climates. 

Average life span- Jersey Giants have a lifespan in excess of eight years. As with all chickens the better the coop and protection from predators the longer their lifespan will be.

Age of maturity - As the largest of all chicken breeds, Jersey Giant hens will take a little more time to reach maturity than smaller hens. You can expect to start receiving eggs around 6 months of age. 

Available colors - Jersey Giants come in black, white, and soft grey-blue colors. 

Jersey Giant chicken breed colors black, white, splash and blue

Climate Suitability - These sturdy birds are well suited to cooler climates due to their size and thick feathers. They generally struggle to thrive in hot climates with their coop needing adequate shade, ventilation, and water. 

Egg Type - Large, delicious, light to medium brown eggs weighing a little over 2 ounces each. 

Rarity -  Jersey Giant chickens are rare in as much as they are not a commonly kept backyard chicken. The breed themselves though is easy to source and inexpensive to purchase despite their bigger size. 

Jersey Giant Chicken Fast Facts

Hen Size

Roosters 22-26″ Hens 16-20″

Bantam hen size







Accessible but less common 

Color varieties

black, white, and soft gray-blue

Avg. Egg Yield

150-200 annually 2-4 per week

Egg Color

Light brown

Egg Size



8 years 


Docile & calm

Climate Suitability

Cold Hardy

Age of maturity

8-9 months

Is The Jersey Giant For You?


Don’t let the size of these birds put you off from enjoying everything they have to offer, read on to learn how their sweet temperament is their most endearing feature.

Jersey Giant temperament fact chart

She’s Big, But She’s No Bruiser!

Due to its large size, a lot of people are under the impression that the Jersey Giant is unfriendly, but this is not true at all. The breed is known to be very docile and to have a very gentle temperament, they mix really well with other chickens and they can easily be added to an existing flock. Even the Giant Jersey roosters are relaxed with a gentle nature. 

They make great backyard pets since they are not easily upset by their surroundings and do very well around other animals or small children. Just keep in mind that children (and smaller breeds of chicken) can be intimidated by the size of the bird.

Taking care of these lovely ladies is a walk in the park. Due to their size, it is impossible for them to fly away, so no need for a covered coop, high fencing or wing clipping. They are no louder than any other chickens, and actually are rather quiet by comparison-  meaning your neighbors will not lose any sleep and neither will you! 

Do keep in mind that as the Jersey Giant is a bigger breed, they will need a bit more space than your average chicken, about 10 square feet per chicken is sufficient. 

To help in understanding how large a Jersey Giant actually is, we made these comparison charts:

Jersey Giant Hen Size Comparison to Silkie and Isa Brown

Jersey Giant Rooster Size Comparison to Silkie and Isa Brown

giant chicken breeds comparison chart

Go Big, Or Go Home!

If the Jersey Giant has made it onto your shortlist, we fully support this choice!  

If you're ready to take on and experience the unique joy that is raising Jersey Giants but you’re not entirely sure where to start, we have the answers. Cluckily, our friends over at Chickenpedia have created an amazing Chicken Breeds Course

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It really is a great way to find your perfect backyard buddies which is why I highly recommend them to all of my readers! The courses are beginner-friendly and filled with vital information to help you raise a happy, healthy flock.

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